DS-104/9 X 11 SATWIPES 6RL/1CA


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Incoterm: EXW Spartanburg, SC, USA

MOQ: 5

LT: 40 business days

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  • 5 - US$242.69 per UN
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DS-104/9 X 11 SATWIPES 6RL/1CA meets the following specifications:

  • FMS-2004, Ty I
  • 5PTMNG040 Ty I
  • LMA-MN040, Ty I
  • 5PTMVL01-B Groups P & S, Ty II
  • 10753-0072

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Product info

Product info

Online U.S. Safety Data Sheet (SDS): YES

Online U.S. Technical Data Sheet (TDS): YES




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