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SOCOGEL B 0202 500ML meets the following specifications:

  • BMS 10-128 Ty 1, Gr A, Cl A
  • DGT 345929
  • CMS-CT-401 QPL
  • EMPIS A15B214A1

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Product info

Product info

  • Socogel B0202 is a non-chromated adhesion promoter for metallic surfaces. It is qualified to Boeing BMS 10-128 and other industry specifications. It is based on sol-gel technology developed by Boeing and is manufactured under the Boegel EPII license

Item Weight: 0.79 KGM / 1.74 LBS

Online U.S. Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Part C: YES

Online U.S. Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Part G: YES

Online Technical Data Sheet (TDS): YES




Download the Brochure here: AEROSPACE BROCHURE


Download the Brochure here: SOCOGEL BROCHURE


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