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Incoterm: EXW Phoenix, AZ, USA / EXW Rhome, TX, USA

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PREKOTE 1 QT meets the following specifications:

  • TO-1-1-8
  • HMS20-1267
  • Dassault Aviation - Approved for all Falcon Aircraft
  • Bell helicopter - Approved for Edwards & Associates Inc. (Piney Flats)
  • GMS-5008
  • GAR-110VK
  • EA 1-A11-0075 (ref. G51-21-01)
  • CRJ-700
  • ERJ-145 EA 05-2011-047
  • 340B EA 05-2011-050
  • Conforms to AMS 3095
  • MIL-PRF-32239

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Product info

Product info

  • Prekote is a non-chromated adhesion promoter for metallic and composite surfaces. It is a single ready-to-use product that replaces alkaline cleaning, chemical deoxidation and conversion coating. It holds broad qualifications in the aerospace industry.

Item Weight: 20KGM / 44.0LBS

Online U.S. Safety Data Sheet (SDS): YES

Online U.S. Technical Data Sheet (TDS): YES

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