Aircraft Engine Line

Is the Socomore engine line of products approved?

Yes, it is fully approved by Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce, CFMI, GE, Turbomeca, and Honeywell.


What is Magchem?

Magchem is a brand name of engine line products owned by Socomore.


Why do you have two product offerings for degreasing?

Soluwax is specifically designed for immersion degreasing, while DG Kleen is designed for spray wash. In an immersion application, the degreaser emulsifies the oils and greases. The spray wash rejects the oil and grease, so they float to the surface, allowing the oil skimmer in the sump tank to efficiently remove the contaminants.


How many tanks do I need for the HDL-73W?

One is sufficient. The standard four-step process includes an alkaline dip, acid dip, permanganate, and a finishing with either alkaline or phosphoric acid. The HDL-73W reduces the process to three steps by combining the alkaline and the acid dip into one step.


Can the HDL-202 be used with ultrasonics?

Yes. The ultrasonic limits are as defined in the Standards Practices Manual.


Do you need to heat the Wadis 24/60?

No, it is used at room temperature.


Are Diestone MSK and Diestone DLS available in pre-saturated wipes in addition to liquid form?

Yes, they are available in C86 and Socosat 15233 varieties.


How do I control the tanks in my line?

Socomore provides a tank control procedure for every product.


How do I know when it is time to change the D-SOLV tank?

The D-SOLV can hold a large amount (more than 40%) of wax in suspension while maintaining effectivity. Magchem provides a tank control procedure for the D-SOLV which helps to calculate the percentage of wax in the D-SOLV tank.


Why is there an oil seal floating on the surface of a heated immersion paint stripper?

The oil seal prevents the solvent in the product from evaporating out of the tank.


Can the oil seal be purchased separately?

Yes, OIS 96.

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