Water Dilutable (Concentrate) Synclair A/C

What concentration do I use?

5-20%, depending on the application.


When would I use a 5% application?

General cleaning of aircraft appearance.


When would I use a 20% application?

For removal of carbon deposits on the airplane, i.e. jet blast behind the engines, or to remove Skydrol accumulation on the bottom of the airframe.


How do I apply the product to the aircraft exterior?

Spray application using either an airless or HVLP system, HVLP is recommended. Alternatively, apply by a brush and scrub.


Do I need to rinse after application?

Yes, rinse with water, ideally hot water (55 degrees Celsius).


At what recommended concentration should I use Synclair A/C in a bath?

10%. Going higher than 10% can create a silicate crust buildup at the top of the tank.


Can I use the Synclair A/C in the cargo area of the aircraft?

No, use the Synclair A2 gel.

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