Product and Curing Problems

When I previously opened the can of Aeroglaze/Chemglaze, the viscosity was fine.  Now the product is very thick.  Can I just reduce it with Aeroglaze 9958 or Chemglaze 9951 and apply?

No. The coating has likely been exposed to moisture and started curing. Discard and use a fresh can. It is recommended to use the entire contents of the container once opened to avoid coating failure/defects.


It has been several days since I applied the epoxy primer and it is still wet or tacky. What I can do to make it cure?

Most likely this is due to incorrect mix ratios or the curative was not added. Remove coating and start over.


I applied a moisture cured urethane under the correct environmental conditions (70 degrees F and 50% RH) but after several days it is still soft and can be removed by wiping with solvent. How can I make it cure?

Most likely, the wrong thinner was used. Remove coating and start over.


How can I get the paint to dry faster?

For moisture-cured urethanes, increase the temperature and humidity of the cure environment. Do not bake moisture cured urethanes. The coatings psychrometric chart shows the appropriate application/cure environments.

For primers, the addition of heat will increase cure (140 degrees F for 1 hour). Note: this will decrease the recoat window.


I received leaking containers of Aeroglaze/Chemglaze.  Are they safe to use?

No. Contact your freight forwarder for appropriate RMA procedures.


My customer complains of strong solvent odors when opening boxes of shipped parts.  How can I reduce or eliminate the solvent odors?

This is normal. To alleviate odors let the coating completely cure in a well-ventilated area before placing in shipping bags/boxes.


My coated parts exhibit an unacceptable amount of surface defects. What went wrong?

Please contact your Socomore representative or

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