Application and Handling

Can I use Aeroglaze/Chemglaze coatings without a primer?

In most cases, a primer of adhesion promoter is required for maximum adhesion and performance of the coating system.


How do I remove Aeroglaze/Chemglaze coatings from the surface of a part for re-coating?

If wash primer is used, make small cuts in the painted surface and apply solvent saturated cloths to soak into the primer. Continue until all paint is removed.

If epoxy primer is used, a mechanical or abrasive method should be used.

The recommended compatible paint stripper is SPC 909N.


I applied Aeroglaze Z306 and the appearance is not as specified on the Technical Data Sheet. What is wrong with the coating?

The paint was not mixed properly so the pigment was left on the bottom of the can.


I don’t have any Socomore thinner; can I use acetone, MEK or lacquer thinner?

No. Socomore thinners (Aeroglaze 9958 or Chemglaze 9951) are low moisture content, formulated to provide specific viscosity reduction and the appropriate evaporation rate.


What are the recommended solvents for cleaning cured Aeroglaze/Chemglaze coatings?

Socomore DS-108 wipes followed by a dry wipe can be used after the paint is fully cured.


How soon can I handle a coated part for adding attachments and for shipping?

It is best to wait for full cure, but parts can be handled lightly after 12 hours under proper curing conditions.

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