Application and Curing Environment

What is the coldest temperature that I can spray Aeroglaze/Chemglaze coatings?

55 degrees Fahrenheit (13 degrees Celsius).


What happens if I do spray below 55 degrees?

Low temperature application will inhibit cure rate. In some cases, the coating may not cure at all.


Can I apply the moisture cured urethanes at low humidity?

Yes. Use Chemglaze 9995 catalyst to help speed up cure. It is not recommended to spray below 30% RH.


Can I apply the moisture cured urethanes in high humidity?

Yes. Use a low flash point solvent for quicker evaporation (Aeroglaze 9958). Do not spray over 85% RH. Use the coatings psychrometric chart which shows appropriate application/cure environments.


Can I add catalyst and/or bake to speed up the cure of Aeroglaze/Chemglaze?

Chemglaze 9995 catalyst can be used in low humidity/low temp applications. Baking to speed up cure in the absence of a catalyst is not recommended.

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